St Vincent And The Grenadines

Welcome to The Grenadines
Thirty-two unspoiled islands & cays
This necklace of thirty-two islands and cays in the Eastern
Caribbean is 1,600 miles from Miami, USA. What’s waiting for you here? Spectacular landscapes, beautiful white-sand beaches and mesmerizing turquoise blue waters. When you land here, you’ve found the Jewels of the Caribbean!

St. Vincent
A lush volcanic island, just 18 miles north to south and 11 miles wide, its windward coast is lined with cliffs and rocky shores pounded by the Atlantic ocean. The leeward coast has spectacular slopes and valleys running down to beaches lapped by the tranquil Caribbean Sea. The Capital, Kingstown, combines reminders of its colonial past with the bright and bustling life of a modern market town.

The Grenadines
Make your leisurely way from island to island using the scheduled ferry boat or travel by air, or let one of the local tour operators be your guide through the islands:

9 miles south of St Vincent and the largest of the Grenadines. It is an island oriented to the sea, retaining age-old traditions of boat building, whaling and fishing.

Measuring 3 miles by 1 mile, Canouan claims some of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean - long ribbons of powder-white sands, wide shallows and coral. The island has an airstrip for light aircraft.

One of the smaller Grenadines and privately owned with few residents, it can be reached by boat from Union Island.

A gem of an island measuring 3 miles by 1 mile with a landscape as genteel as its lifestyle — green hills roll into soft white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Privately owned, this Grenadine isle has long attracted the elite of the world, including British royalty.

>Palm Island
A private resort with a very casual ambiance — 24 beachfront stone cottages and other accomodations, open-air dining and all watersports off wide, spectacular white-sand beaches.

The Tobago Cays
Numerous islets south of Canouan, guarded by some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. You can sail, snorkel and beach comb in complete seclusion in this rare tropical paradise that can be reached only by yacht. A national marine park is being developed here.

Union Island
A 2,100-acre mountainous island fringed by superb beaches, Union Island is the stopping-off point for yachtsmen and visitors heading to some of the smaller Grenadines.

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